Friday, February 24, 2017


  The KJV is close, but not perfect. The few missteps, can easily be seen by a serious Student. In Elementary school, reading was taught that one must identify the Subject, and the Objective. This extremely important for the KJV of the Bible (Holy-Books).
  The Subject from Genesis - Revelation is: the LORD.
The by various Names. The Gospel of John chap 1 is very clear and True. In the beginning, was the WORD. The WORD was with GOD, and the WORD was GOD. In Genesis 1 where GOD is; should be Elohim: which includes the LORD.
  1 JN.2:3 If we know HIM, keep HIS Commandments. HIS Commands are throughout the KJV.
Moses ask the Burning-Bush Who should I say sent me? The reply - "I AM." I Am = YHVH, JEHOVAH, LORD.
Apostle Peter answered an important question from the LORD, and we're all informed that "flesh and blood didn't reveal the Truth, only My Father in heaven...
  We have the Holy-Spirit/Comforter(Jn16:7-14).
Rev1:1 The Revelation - of Jesus Christ... 1:2 Who bare record of the WORD of GOD, and of the Testimony - of Jesus Christ...
  The objective. That all mankind would repent, and accept forgiveness, and have a Relationship, with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.


  1. Any Psudo-Books that leads people to a man, group, family, race, or tribe; are worthy of the trash dump.
    Satan is in the shadows, giving directipns.

  2. Notice: when Jehovah's Witness knock on the door. They are minus discernment of the Holy Spirit.
    They are only chasing numbers for their own kingdom.

  3. Another name of the LORD: "JEALOUS."
    Be careful of advice from Non-believers; especially informing others of who God's children are, and Idols. The First 5 of the Ten Commandments continue in play(1Jn2:3).