Thursday, March 16, 2017


  Often when one hears the word "death" - it is referring to a person, who has transitioned, from life. That is one type of death. In most dictionaries, they list more than one definition. This is also correct when studying the K J V..
  When the LORD (Gen2:16,17) said You become intimate with Satan, you will surely die: it was a true statement, and he died. Mankind was created to last a long time. Methuselah, fell short, after 900+ yrs..
  The instant "death" of the-man-Adam, and Eve, was separation between themselves, and the LORD. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus went to the Cross to mend this fracture, with HIS Blood.
  When Apostle Paul (Rom chapt.5 & chapt.6) of "no longer being under the law" - He is speaking of Death (Satan) as well as the separation that entered in from the Garden (Gen2:16,17). The Cross of Christ is the bridge(Grace) Reconcile mankind and GOD: Period.
Any Minister that says "no longer under the law" Without the above explanation; run away from.
  The third type of death, is physical: the absence of life, of life physically stops. Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus know not to fear this because our(Holy Spirit + our spirit) will live on. The Kingdom of Heaven is inside us. "The sting of death" is gone, defeated. The LORD is Exalted: Amen!!!


  1. Satan loves it when people go on a spiritual journey. This is It's domain. Prince of the air (spiritual). Psudo-ministers and false-prophets are working for It (Satan).

  2. "No longer under the law" is a pronouncement. There lies full blown deception. This individual is outside the Will of the LORD, and out of control. This "blind leader" requires followers. The LORD cam man dedicated us not to follow them!!!

  3. 1Jn.2:3 " Know that we know HIM: keep HIS commandments. Those that knowingly transgress the Law are separated from the LORD.
    Love of the world (chaos)1Jn2:15) is the measuring stick: examine ourselves.⏰