Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Gold Mind!!!

  A Gold Mind is knowing value: what is value/valuable, vs what is worthless. Beginning with Immanuel-Christ-Jesus: the STANDARD. All else, fall in line. "Take up your cross."
  Babylon is a wicked System. Believers should not be a part of it. The "mark of the beast" is deception. Matt24:4 is a Command to be careful that we are not deceived. A Federal Reserve Note ($$$) is an I O U = debt. The world turns in gold, for an I O U.
  When "a beast" took over in 1913 gold was 20.65 per oz.. Since then, the $$$ has lost 96% of it's purchasing power. And gold, even being manipulated down, is 1,200+ per oz..
  Phil.2:5 Let this Mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. "My meat is to do the will ..." Immanuel-Christ-Jesus kept the Commandments. Matt.13:19 the Words of the Kingdom of GOD, if not understood, the wicked One steals it. 1322 the cares of this world, deceitfulness of riches, choke the Word = unfruitfulness.
   "The Kingdom is inside of you(Lk17:21)."
Inside the heart of our brain. Where our Soul, Spirit, and the Holy Spirit resides. Believers have Understanding of the Kingdom of GOD: we have a Gold Mind!!!


  1. The world (chaos) is flex, faux, fake, pseudo. Don't waste precious time, attempting to figure it out. Stay focuseed-my-friends.

  2. Immanuel came to serve. "He was humble. He was obedient unto death (the curse of death, Gen.2:16, 17) and the Cross." Phil2:5. Christ stayed true to HIS purpose - so should we.

  3. "The Spirit of the LORD is upon ME... Lk4:18, quoting Is.61. The LORD was on a mission: and so should we.