Wednesday, May 24, 2017

" blind "

  Blind is without sight, or very poor sight.
Blind also is a symbol of someone, that lacks vision. The Word states without vision, people are in serious trouble. People are blind, for several different reasons.
  People, especially Religious folks  walk, minus the Holy-Spirit, "walk in darkness." We are Commanded "not to follow blind-leaders." Blind-leaders + blind-followers = the ditch (pit)(Mat15:14).
Is56:10 "His Watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant..."
This is ref. Religious folks.
  Lam4:14 "They have wandered as blind." Referring to blind-guides: aka Pseudo-Prophets!
Zeph.1:17 "I (LORD) will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men,.."
  Mat.23:16-26 "Woe (trouble now) unto you blind guides (Religious-leaders) = fools." Only concerned about the outside appearance. People look good as their Souls perish.
Rom2:19 Be careful of those confident ones claiming, or invoking Lineage: they can and are deceptive.
  Rev3:17 Letter written to one of the Seven Churches. Don't be big-headed, wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.
Some have scales like Saul, some are vision imparted by the LORD, and some are walking contrary to the LORD.
"Repent, for the Kingdom is at hand" - right now, right here!!!

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