Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"Fig Trees."

  In the Garden, we're two (2) Trees. The Tree of Life, which is the LORD(I AM, YHVH, JEHOVAH).
And the Tree of good and evil, which is Satan.
Meat eaters(mature students) must stop looking for literal trees, and began turning on their Spiritual-Headlight.
  Zec.3:10, and Mic. 4:4 "Under thee VINE, and under thee FIGTREE." Stated twice for emphasis; we should know - WHOM -
this is speaking of!!!
  Jer. was as what he saw - looking at two bowls of figs. "One was very good, and ripe. The other one had very naughty-figs, which could not be eaten, they were so bad." The first, Righteous descendants of the man Adam and Eve.
The second bowl of Figs are the descendants of Cain.
  Matt24:32 "Learn the Parable of the figtree." This is a Commandment: it (parable) goes back to what happened in the Garden, between Adam, Eve, and Satan, that produced Cain.
  Mar11:13 "seeing a figtree a far off having nothing but leaves..."
This is a people (naughty-tree) situation. Time will run out for them to Repent, and produce for the LORD. There is also a Sign/Seal involved, and how we are to deal(Mar11:20-28) with situations - with guidance from thee Holy-Spirit.


  1. Jam3:11,12 " bitter and sweet at the same place?
    Can the figtree bear olives? Either a vine, figs?" No!
    People should take heed worshipping others. The LORD is the STANDARD, not religion (naughty-figs).

  2. Rev 6:13 As a figtree castes her untimely fruit. This is thee Antichrist.6 Sign, 6 Trump, 6 Vial.
    Trees are symbols. They take a stand, and change not. These Trees are Good, or bad, judged by their produce.