Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Brothers!

  For those keeping score, we are half way between the 5th, and 6th. Trump. The Locust-army is swarming, the Tares/Kenites are pushing 1-world-ism, and, the 'Traditions of men" (Religion) is all over the place. Love has become a sect.
  Matt.12:48 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus responds to a request from HIS Mother, and Brothers: "Who is MY Mother? Who are MY Brethren? The children-church never get around to answering that question. They just keep pushing love.
  "Love ye one another." A Commandment(1Jn3:23). One of the 10 Commandments "Love your neighbor as yourself." This is also one of the Great Commands. He that loves his brother, abides in the Light,... (1Jn2:10).
Matt.5:43,44 "Love your enemies".
  Brother, Neighbor, Enemies! Enemy = civil disagreement, hateful, hostile, opposing: B.C. of the House of Israel. A.C. (after the Cross), the Body of Christ.
Neighbors = people that are around us, that are in the Body, should be loved, seved, shown affection toward, charity, and benevolence.
  Mother, Brothren: Matt 12:49 "Behold MY Mother, and MY Brothren. For whosoever, shall do the will of MY Father, which is in Heaven, the same is MY Brother, Sister, and Mother."

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