Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The abortion-system

  The current abortion-system is wicked, New-Age, but Not new. It actually goes back to the Garden; the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Many today are afraid of the subject of Judgment, or are ignorant of what it consist of. Judgment is ongoing, and is good or bad, based on our obedience(Deut28).
  One of Satan's names, is Death. It's actions in the Garden was designed to destroy Adam and Eve's Seed line.
In Ex.1:6 the Pharaoh required the mid-wives to kill all Hebrew newborns that were boys. This was to control the population growth.
  When Jesus was a Toddler, Herod the king, required that all boys under the age of 2 be put to death, in an effort "to destroy the Child(Matt2:13)."
  In Jn. 10:10 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus makes it perfectly clear, what Satan and Progeny intentions are: to murder, steal, and destroy.
We are Not to shed Innocent blood, which is an abomination (Prov6:17). A Command not to kill the innocent or the righteous (Ex32:7). "Separation" = Death for the one's that she'd innocent blood (Is59:1-7).
  Rom3:15-16 thoughts and secrets are judged.
Being complicit, or a party to the crime of murder, is serious in the sight of our LORD.
Why abortion-system? The world, with Satan as the king, hates us. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus said it (world of chaos) hated HIM  first.


  1. 2 things, that have the West in serious trouble:
    Fake currency = an abomination to our LORD.
    A the abortion system = which also is an abomination to our LORD.
    Judgment is under way.⏰

  2. To know if a tree (from the Garden) is good or wicked, look at the "fruit that it bares."
    There were only 2 Trees in the Garden: LIFE, Knowledge (Death).
    Follow the LIGHT my friends.��