Wednesday, May 3, 2017


  One of the "keys of worship: in Spirit, and in Truth. The word ROCK appears many times in Psalms, Samuel, Jeremiah, and Isaiah. It is clear that David, Isaiah  and Jeremiah revered  our LORD - as the ROCK!
  Mat2:7 "Build upon the ROCK." Sometimes in life, it is necessary to hit ROCK bottom. ROCK bottom is not so bad, when revelation allows us to see just WHOM is there with us. 1Sam2:2 "Neither is there -any- ROCK like our GOD." The ROCK  is the correct place to build on.
  2Sam22:2 " The LORD is my ROCK." Prophets of old, new the Truth. The Key is to worship the correct One: only. Psalms 18:2 The LORD is my ROCK, and my fortress, and my deliverer. Psalms18:31 Who is (Eloah) save the LORD? Who is a ROCK, save our GOD? Answer: 0.
  Is.8:14 HE shall be for a Sanctuary, or, a Stone of Stumbling. We pick. Is.17:10 "Because thou has forgotten the GOD of thy Salvation, and has not been mindful ROCK of thy strength, .."
Mat16:18, Lk.6:49 "This ROCK." IT should be crystal clear, that Jesus  Christ is The ROCK.
  2nd. Witnesses: Rom 9:33 A Stumbling block. 1Cor. 10:4 That ROCK is Christ. 1Pet. 2:8 A Stone for stumbling.
The gist: build upon the ROCK. Stay with the ROCK.
Those who forget, or are hard headed, they are doomed to failure coming out the gate. The ROCK  is Serious, and so should we be.

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  1. "You are Peter (Petros/rock)."
    Christ's Church is Not built upon Peter:
    It is built upon the fact that Jesus is the Christ, the SON, of the Living GOD = THE ROCK!!!