Thursday, June 15, 2017

"A house divided"

  A fact, coming out the gate, this is not a good thing. It is often quoted; even by well know (Abraham Lincoln), and others, that lack Understanding. Let us, put on our Spiritual glasses, and seek Truth.
  "A house divided" is from Matt.12:25, and Mark 3:25.
Immanuel-Christ-Jesus(I.C.J.) cast out a demon that had possessed a person, healed a blind, and dumb:and they were healed.
When the Pharisees heard it. What? The people were amazed, and gave HIM praise. It ticked off the Pharisees.
  The context. They (Pharisees) accused "this fellow" ( I.C.J.) of being under the authority of Beelzebub, prince of the devils. Satan has been given limited authority over "kingdoms" = edu., economics, political, and religion.
  Satan specializes in politics, and religion (Rev.13:1, 13:4).
I.C.J. warned Peter that Satan had ask for him: It wanted to sift him like wheat. Thereby Separations him into Denominations, aka religion.
  This house divided is Satan's house. There is plenty confusion, and wicked fruit being produced inside this house: but it's difficult for those in the flesh to police themselves, with flesh.
They do stand; and it does stand - because Satan can Not change. It is the Tree of Knowledge, of good and evil.


  1. This house, is a dark house. Demons, don't cast out demons. They are one-house, until the 7th Trump: then 7,000 will be destroyed, at one time, for good.

  2. Those that usually invoke this Scripture, "house divided" are Not followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus: they use this Scripture to hold others to a standard that they themselves are not willing to do. Much like the Pharisees, Scribes, Lawyers, Priest that Immanuel-Christ-Jesus exposed.

  3. Abe Lincoln made a very famous speech invoking this Scripture. He suspended the U.S.C. - started a war via Executive Orders, and has the blood of 600,0000 fellow Americans on his hands.
    The house that he reference was the dark-house.