Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Contend with the wicked"

  Situational Awareness: we are approx. half way between the 5th. and 6th. trump. This is a great time to be alive on the face of the earth. Thank GOD for trusting us during these critical moments. People are quickly realizing that the Govt. or Religion can't cut it.
  Rev. 13:3 1w-ism is upon us. One can't see it in their sleep; awaken from the slumber.
Prov.28:4 They that forsake the Law, praise the wicked: But such as keep the Law, -contend- with them (wicked).
Rom.12:2 Be not conformed to this world (chaos)...
  Eph.6:13 "withstand(push back, oppose)." 14 "stand(take a Righteous stand)." Ex. Neh.5:7, and 5:9.
Whose side? Jos.5:13-15. Let us not get it twisted; we must be on the LORD'S side.
  John 14:15, and 15:10 " If you love ME, keep MY Commands." Immanuel-Christ-Jesus did come to change, but fulfill(Mat5:17). Christ came as a Levi-Priest, WHO practice the Law/Commands. HE gave them to Moses...
  Jude 1:3 " contend for the Faith." Contend with the wicked by following the LORD - and HIS Rules. Ex. Daniel, and his three friends.
Test = 1 John 2:3.


  1. Our weapons are not carnel. We have authority to rebuke, employ wisdom, meekness, and operate covertly:just as Neh. did. He kept things to himself, recon at night, and when the time came rebuked the fake leaders. He and men worked with a tool and a weapon.

  2. We must stay focused, then remember whom we are at war with. Flesh and blood is not the correct target: however, require restitution from demonics, and their water boys.

  3. Religion/traditions of men, flows backwards to the Tree of Knowledge, aka = Satan.
    "Take heed, let no man deceive you." The "many" are Fakesters.