Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mars Hill 2017

  Mars Hill 2017; one seventh (1/7) would be District, of Columbia. This land of Idols and Superstition(Religion) is not a part of the United States, but via deception, controls the idiot dual States.
  Apostle Paul observed in Athens, that the City was wholly given to Idolatry(Acts17:16): He was ticked off. Paul attempted to dispute with the leaders, to no avail.
Acts 17:22 Paul correctly stated in the midst of Mars Hill are too superstitious(Religious).
I'm saying this same thing today about D.C. - aka district of criminals.
  The "woe unto Scribes, Pharisees, Lawyers, and Blind-guides"(Mat23, Lk.11:52), all practice the "tradition of men" = Religion: which occupy D.C. today.
The end game of Mystery-Babylon is Religion. It is going on right now covertly.
  The initial intended was Three Branches of Govt. that are connected to the True-VINE. Now there is Thorns and Thistles, that are connected to Satan. The "scarlet colored beast" (Rev.17:3) is the Red-System of one world Socialism.
  What happened on Mars Hill, is currently happening in D.C.. The MYSTERY - D.C. is already scarlet colored. Take heed, let no man deceive you" is a Command.


  1. Mystery = deception.
    Democracy is a form of govt..❌
    Debt is a currency.❌
    Three Branches exist in D.C..❌
    1-World-ism is peaceful.❌

  2. Lk11:52 Lawyers have taken away the key of knowledge. D.C. is covered up with Lawyers.
    Satan was a Scripture-lawyer in the Garden: He changed the Truth into a lie; via Presidence. Now re-look at the Pharisees, Scribes, and Lawyers again, through history!×6

  3. Several places in Rev., it states that the whole world, who's names are not written in the Book of Life, will be deceived. Those operating in the world of chaos, are already there. Those that practice Religion - are at the front of the Deception line.

  4. "Congress shall make No law respecting an establishment of Religion." Congress is a party to the crime of violating their Oath, and TREASON!×6.
    The "mark of the beast" - is deception.