Thursday, July 20, 2017


  This MYSTERY is Babylon.
Rev.17:5 in all capital letters, for effects. It is no mystery for the Election: Babylon is quite obvious. Babylon is a wicked-system, and is upon us.
  Mystery - sacred. secret. to conceal. the secret of friends.
Is. 14:4, 14:15 identifies Lucifer as the king of Babylon. It's issues began in the First-Heaven-Age, with the created one, having an Insatiable desire for others to worship It! Lucifer/Satan, 1/3 of the expelled angels, Cain, and his "Generation" and their wicked/rebels have set up shop shop on the earth.
  The "Naughty-figs" are controlling their four-kingdoms: education, economics, Politics, and Religion!
Immanuel-Christ-Jesus Commands us -not- to be deceived (Mat24:4). Rom. 12:2 be -not- conformed to this world (chaos).
  The MYSTERY, is no mystery to Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus: "see I have told you all things."
Rev.17:8 The beast (Rev.13:4); "and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder (nod),...
  Who's in control of miss-education, debt as a currency, worshipping gov. and blind-leaders, and worshipping idols (Religion)???? The MYSTERY, is not.


  1. Mystery:Satan, revealed It's nature in the Garden, in speaking with Eve - a Scripture lawyer. It apposed the LORD, and begin hunting souls, the same a Nimrod; same spirit!

  2. Matt. 23 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus exposed with a "Woe" unto the Pharisees, Scibes, and blind-guides. Luke 11:52 included Lawyers to this bunch of wicked, Hypocrites.

  3. Not a coincidence that the majority of U.S. Presidents, and Congress have backgrounds in law (Bar Association). Remember the Mystery? These people are members of One Party-System, including the Judicial Branch, which equals a bunch of "Tares."

  4. The Good!
    Dan2:22 HE (LORD) reveals the deep and secret things: HE knows what is in the darkness, and the LIGHT dwells with HIM.