Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"Look to the Ant."

  Prov.6:6 "Go to the ant, thou sluggard..." Many are familiar with Prov.6:16, These six things does the LORD hate: but who are these people that are being spoken of?  From 6:6 - 6:16 are one and the same.
  A "sluggard" is a slow (to work) person. They have an Insatiable desire to be in charge, or they simply are not interested in manual labor. Ants are wise enough to store up in the summer, for the winter. Ants work together without supervision.
  Sleep for a sluggard is never satisfying. Because of their blindness, they are quite comfortable, being slugs.
Their desires: take it from others. A naughty (worthless) person, has a "froward mouth" = deceitfulness.
Teaching with his fingers: is about all that will be lifted; also demonstrates whose in charge.
  He devises mischief, continually. He sows "discord."
His work: a proud look (pride). A lying tongue. Hands that she'd innocent blood. Devise(s) wicked imaginations. Swiftly running to mischief. A false witness that speak lies. He that sows discord among brethren.
  A sluggard joins with like-minded slugs, and via deception, convinces others that they are legitimate. These are "naughty-figs," tares, and Religion. These are modern day Nimrods that are hunting Souls. Their scam involves worship, and bondage: exactly what Immanuel-Christ-Jesus exposed, then defeated.
"Look to the Ant" - don't think so!×6


  1. One who sows discord (Prov6:14 is naughty(worthless), perverse, wicked,and deceitful. Their works line up with their father Satan. Look at how Satan worked It's religion in the Garden: Called the LORD a lier, introduced greed and sexual-seduction, and immorality into the world.

  2. The discord from Satan in the Garden. Did GOD say that? GOD knows, and is attempting to keep you from becoming gods. Satan ultimate objective was to have Adam and Eve worship It!
    The global-elite are playing the same religious game; with Souls in the balance.

  3. Go to the Ant, thou sluggard.
    We should go to Cain, whom was fathered by Satan: yet the LORD attempted to show him the path of Righteousness. Another Sluggard doctrine: control, or destroy.
    "Always look at the fruit."