Monday, August 28, 2017

"Rule for Radicals"

  Rules for Radicals × Saul D. Alinsky, a book that credits Lucifer, and in courage rebellion against Socialism and Dictators: but encourages Communism, as "paradise."
  The word "revolution" is employed quite often in this book. These folk become an insurrection. The Author, and Teachers (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,...) are concealing the fact that Socialism is not good enough.
  Neither will Communism be good enough. The ultimate is 1-World-ism. Alinsky claim to be afraid of religion(which is a lie), because what they're pushing is exactly religion - with Satan, as their leader.
  We are witnessing the insurrection claim to be anti-everything. While looking to pick fights against haters, they themselves spew hate. The anti-everything groups are hypocrites.
  The U. S. became Socialist on 4.12.1861 with Lincoln's invasion of the South: which was a violation of the U. S. Constitution, on many levels. The transition into 1-worldism is not peaceful.
Whom is in the Shadows behind all of the revolution? Satan.
  "All whose names are not written in the LAMB's Book of Life, will worship the Dragon, the Beast(Rev13)."
Don't follow Radicals!×6😨


  1. The Neoconservative are also pushing 1-world-ism, via deception. All Religions are one, with Satan having authority over it, for thousands of yrs..

  2. Jerusalem contains three (3) Holy spots for Religion: Juaism, Islam, and Powerless, Blind-leaders. Satan will finish bringing all of the Religions together. " Revival, Rapture, _Imam. Satan will be everything to all people.

  3. Things are getting tight: and necessarily so. Some of the most wicked, are showing up on the earth, right now.
    Gear up, and pay attention. Prophecy is underway!×3