Monday, August 21, 2017

"That man of sin."

  This title comes from 2Thes.2:3 which states: "Let no man deceive you by any means - for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son perdition."
  Let us chew, on the above. The deception will come via, economics, political then religion. People are involved in Idolatry, and don't know it. "That day" is the LORD'S return (2Thes.2:1) is the subject! It occurs on the 7th. Trump. The "falling away"(apostasy) then that man of sin(Satan) is revealed, the Son of perdition.
  Revealed = to uncover, lay open what has been veiled or covered up (Strongs). Reveal(ed) - pass tense!
Sin = This is the head of the line for One that made a concious decision to violate GOD'S Law. Going back to the 1st. Heaven-Age (Is.14:12-15, Ez.28:1-19).
  Son = the flesh manifestation(not born of woman) containing the condemned spirit of Satan. Perdition = destroying, utter destruction; physical, spiritual, eternal, death. Satan caught a death sentence for what It attempted to pull during the 1st. Heaven-Age: and because of what It did to Christ on the Cross - it will be Immanuel-Christ-Jesus that carry out the sentence.
  Rev. gives the number as 6, 6, 6, as the Seal, Trump, and Vial. All should read it for themselves.
Satan comes incarnate - 1st. on the 6th Trump, period.
When the religious-folks say " look here, or there, is the Christ" - "don't go there."

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  1. That man of sin will combine all religions: It already has the authority. It will appeal to Judaism, Islam, uninformed Christians, and Atheist. Yes Atheist: they claim one thing, but are involved in religion, but don't know it. The son will convince them that their Christ - has arrived.😨