Saturday, September 16, 2017


  !×6 = Deception which is the "mark of the beast" System. Duped = deceive, trick. Apostle Paul ask the Galatians(3:1), who bewitched you? The sentence begins with calling them "foolish" which they were. And so are people that believe they are Christians - doing the work of Satan.
  Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus are to be Priest, unto the LORD(Ex.19:5,6-Ex:40:15-1Pet2:9). This appointment is Not from man.
In Leviticus(for Priest🔑)18:21 "Thou shalt Not let any of thy seed (children) pass through the fire(murder/sacrifice) to Molech(king-idol), neither shalt thou profane the Name(YHVH) of thy GOD: I AM the LORD."
  Only Fakesters(leaders) and Duped(followers) would be involved in the abortion-system. There are Two "thou-shalt-nots" in Lev.18:21. The second One: profane the Name of the LORD.
These Two also line up with the Ten Commandments.
  "Many will come in MY Name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many(Mat24:5)." Identify as Christians, claiming to have the answer. These are not connected to Thee ANSWER: period.
The Duped are actually dead.
  A violation of "thou shalt not" causes a fracture in our Relationship with the LORD. Gen 2:17 in the Day that thou eat (sexual-intimate) of It, thou shalt surly die.
This "die" a separation from the LORD, and under the authority of Death, aka Satan.


  1. Adam and Eve were Duped.
    They were "beguiled" - seduced out of a Relationship, into Religion.
    Religion, which is "the Traditions of Men" is quite prevalent today: with Satan as the king-idol.

  2. It is impossible for Christians to support the abortion-system: it is an oxymoron.
    We are to seperate our selves from those that walk contrary to the Law (real Law, not religion).

  3. "Who bewitched you" Gal.3:1.
    Duped - deceived, trick
    Bewitched - controlled by magic, spell, witchcraft.
    Scripture begins with "foolish" which is quite appropriate!×6 = deception: the mark of the beast-system.