Thursday, October 5, 2017


  HE taught them as ONE having "Authority", and not as the scribes(Mat7:29). Immanuel-Christ-Jesus was authorized, to do, exactly what HE was doing, and did.
 The mission statement from the beginning (Lk4:18-19) was Prophecy from the Prophet Isiah(61:1-2).
The scribes at this time were Hypocrites (fakesters, hirelings) that were appointed by the govt..
The legitimate Scribes were of the Tribe of Levi; and we're very powerful people, with GOD, and mankind.
  Authority = ability, capacity, competence, freedom, power, right, of control (Strong's).
The scribes that confronted Immanuel were nothing more than clerks, secretaries, and writers: they have no juice.
Lk20:2 The chief priest, and elders of the people confront Immanuel, " by what authority doest THOU these things? And Who gave THEE this authority."
  From the beginning, Immanuel-Christ-Jesus had the Plan of Salvation in place. The Holy Spirit impregnated Merry: the only legal way to legally enter time. Christ submitted HIM SELF to the Authority of our Father, and Thee Holy Spirit.
  The confrontation from the scribes, was a teaching moment for the Followers; especially - now! The Hypocrites today, just as 2,000 yrs. ago, will confront the Legitimate One's.
We have the Power.


  1. Luke 9:1 Then HE called HIS twelve disciples together, and gave them Power and Authority over all devils (demons) and to cure diseases.

  2. Luke 9:2 Purpose:
    Preach the Kingdom of GOD,
    and to heal the sick.
    Let us all Repent and Refocus.⏳

  3. The Book
    of Acts
    should contiue,
    even today.