Thursday, October 26, 2017

"Free Indeed"

  John 8:3 "If the SON therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free ye shall be free indeed." This is a powerful statement, from Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.
  "Free" - from Who(m), what, when, why, and how?
From Satan: which was this group's father(John.8:41). These are Kenites(Tares, Vile fruit...)
"Free" - from sin: which applies to us all, since the Fall of mankind in the Garden(Gen.2:17). Beguiled from Eve, but Adam was actively involved.
  All Religions belong to Satan: that's IT'S domain! Immanuel-Christ-Jesus went to Jerusalem because it was the headquarters for Religion. The Hypocrites were exposed. In route to the Cross, Immanuel-Christ-Jesus taught, healed, and changed lives.
  "Free Indeed" - Rom.8:2 "Christ Jesus has made me -free- from the Law of sin (separation, fallen), and death (Satan).
We as Believers, are truly, and completely, forgiven.
  Free from Religion, especially Blood Ordinances: which were nailed to the Cross of Christ.
We are "Justified by Faith" in Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.


  1. The Fakesters/Hypocrites practice Religion (= bondage). There names can be the same, but their laws are the Mosaic Laws that were taught by Levi-Priest. Always "look at the fruit."
    The wheat and the tares parable let's us know that two Father's are involved on the earth: right now!

  2. "The Law of the Spirit-of-Life in Christ Jesus has made me free."
    We should Not get entangled in Religion, which is minus a Relationship, with our Creator.

  3. Many organizations are entangled in Religion/bondage via tax-exemptions. 501c-3 is submitting to the state (international, 1-worldism. It violates the First Amendment; and the I r s is an illegal, corrupt, organization. "Come out of Bablon."
    "Come out from among them."