Tuesday, November 14, 2017


  Our LORD   has made it perfectly clear, that we are not to "tempt" HIM. The supporting Scriptures are Deut.6:16, and Mat.4:7. Let's look at John 8:4-10. A serious set-up.
  "Master" - a disrespectful title. "Woman" - is key: she was an adult, married women. "Such are to be stoned" - which is a lie.
They were "Tempting" the LORD: which is a no-no.
  The conversation was a set-up for Christ's murder. Satan was a Scripture-lawyer, and so are It's children.
A women involved in adultery, was to appear before the priest, with her husband (Numb.5:11-31). She would have the opportunity to confess, or deny: and the LORD would JUDGE.
  Stoning was for a damsel (Deut22:24), virgin, betrothed. These Hypocrites (Fakes) had no clue that they were "Tempting" the very ONE that gave the Law to Moses.
  Christ stooped and wrote on the ground - enough that convicted these self-righteous-idiots. They came to condemn Christ to murder, and the woman, an illegal stoning. They left feeling guilty: because they were guilty.


  1. The wife and the husband went before priest, of the Tribe of Levi, with an offering. Set before the LORD. The priest would give her the opportunity to tell the truth, or lie before the LORD.

  2. Bitter water would be administered, that would cause a curse of "thigh-rot"(Num.5:27)which is involving the vagina. She would be a curse among her people, and not be able to conceive. The coochee-rot covers the body part that was involved in the adultery.

  3. And if the woman be not defiled, but clean; then she shall be free, and shall conceive seed (Num.5:28).

  4. "We caught this woman in the very act of adultery"
    Where is the husband? If he had a spirit of jealousy, or required punishment, that would be up to the husband: not Fakesters!