Sunday, December 24, 2017

Deception 2017!

  Matt24:4 "Take heed (be careful), lest (let) no man deceive you."
This deception is described in Rev.13:15-18. The "image" of this beast is the Federal Reserve Systems. Last checked on; all Nations are controlled by, except Cuba, and North Korea. The "seven headed beast" = 7 continents.
  "To receive a mark" is what Immanuel-Christ-Jesus warned us of. The "mark of the beast" is deception. The "a" Beast is 1-world-ism.
"The" beast is 1-world-religion: with Satan as the leader.
  The economic key has been the $$$ since 1913. It has lost 96% of it's purchasing power, since 1913. Since the early 1970 it is only connected to Con/fidence, in the U.S. inc.. It is a reserve-note = an iou. It is debt. Believing that debt is currency, is a serious problem: a Seal/Sign.
  The 6th Day creation (mankind) was to have "dominion) over all, including trees/plants. $$$ made from trees is Not to have dominion over us. This is a no-no for those Following Immanuel-Christ-Jesus: Repent!!!
Real currency works with us, or for us; and is Not bondage.
  Rev.13:17 And no man, -might- buy or sell, unless they had the mark, name, or number of his name.
Wisdom allows us to overcome this "might." Bitcoin is one way. The "Money-changers" hate it. Their objective to kill, steal, or destroy is in play against Bitcoin. Their m.o. is to control, or destroy is in blitz mode.
One should have a Bitcoin mindset, regardless of ownership, or not. Stop being deceived in 2017 by the beast-system!×6


  1. Bitcoin, not that long a go, was under 10.00. It went from 300.00, to 3,000 in short order. At 10,000 the Money-changers came out heavily against it. Then their water-boys (eco-experts) and talking heads join their father in bashing Crypto-currencies.😊

  2. The few negatives that can be said about Bitcoin, thirty × more can be said about the $$$. Both are birthed via a computer. Every $$$ that is created, creates inflation. There is a finite number of Coins that can be created:0 inflation.

  3. Worried about the Monopoly Men? Nope.
    I have Authority to handle Serpents, and Scorpions:
    It is they, that should worry.

  4. Unable to buy or sell. This system is upon us right now!
    It knows about deposits, transfers, and withdraws. Purchase precious metals: it knows.
    Difficult, but not impossible to operate with in.��