Tuesday, December 19, 2017


  Dogma = a principle, or set of principles, laid down by an authority as true; an established opinion(Wiki)!×6 This word is actually short for Dogmatize (Dogmatic): which is to impose Dogmas upon one (Companion Bible). This word is not in the Manuscript, or KJV.
  Dogmas is connected to the word "Rudiments" which is in Col.2, and 2Pet3. Rudiments, Elements, and World (chaos) are what will be destroyed, immediately upon Immanuel-Christ-Jesus return.
  Dogma is connected to Religion. Rev.13:3 one-world-political-system, and Rev. 13:4 One-World-Religious-System. All Religion is one, and it belongs to Satan. Outside of "Spirit and Truth" is worshipping stuff!
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus states (Mat15:9,Mar7:13) and Apostle Paul (Col.2:22) that the traditions/doctrines of men (Religion) makes void, the WORD of GOD.
"Let no man beguile you, by worshipping angels (fallen angels)."
  Gal.4:3 under the Elements of the world = bondage. This is all Religions. Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus are in a Relationship: not Religion. In Spirit, Spirit to spirit. In Truth, Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is Truth: and we must know HIM, and be obedient to the Truth.


  1. Col.2:22 "Which all, All, ALL, are to perish" who follow the commandments, and doctrine of men.
    This included Money-changers, Politics, and other schemes that attempt to get around Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.

  2. When Immanuel-Christ-Jesus returns, immediately all Religions, and chaos will be burned up."It shall melt with fervent heat (2Pet3:10)."
    The Righteous will Not be touched by this heat.

  3. Be aware of those that claim to be anti-religion, freedom of religion, regardless if it's Cotholicism, or Judaism: they trick people into Idolatry - including Socialism/Communism. 1-w-ism is a setup for the beast (aka Satan).