Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Treasured up!×6

  James 5:1-6
This is addressing the rich/ill-gotten-gain.
The accumulated stuff, shall be a witness against them.
"Ye have heaped treasure together - for the last days."
  Treasure together = Treasured up!×6 This 6 represent the number for man, flesh, deception. These people have deceived themselves: man are the Children of Cain, who was the Son of Satan(aka Kenites).
  A reasonable person would understand that the accumulated riches, can't Save them from destruction. But these wicked folks are a different. They get a "woe" from the LORD because they actively work/finance the 1-world-system of Rev.13.
  "Last days." 2Tim3:1-9. The last days comes on the 666 = 6 Seal,
6 Trump, 6 Vial. We're at the bottom of the 5th right now.
The last days, will actually last five (5) months.
  Prov.13:22 mentions that the wealth of the sinner, is laid up ( in storage) for the Just. These wicked people are Treasuring up, and are so arrogant: but the LORD knows where the storage facility is - and how to have the Just enter in.


  1. Matt12:29 " How does one enter a strong man's house.
    Reminder: we have authority over Serpent(Satan and It's Seed), and Scorpians (Locust army).

  2. Jer.17 shows that the wicked are in trouble.
    Psalms 1 again shows that the wicked are in trouble(2nd witness).
    Prov says that the Righteous shall inherit the earth, and never be removed. The wicked will not need stuff where they are going🔥