Monday, January 22, 2018

Darkness 2018!

  "We are children of the LIGHT."
But there among us, are people that walk in darkness. Some unknowingly, some are deceived, and some are exactly - where they need to be.
  Blind leaders/guides are leading people straight to Satan. The blind (spirituality) walk in darkness: by choice.
There is no hiding in the dark (Is29:15, Job5:14). There are no secrets(Lk8:17), that will not be revealed. Many have made deals with the Devil, in secret.
  "If the eye is evil, the Body is full of darkness." The eye is the window of the Soul. The Soul is located at the intersection of the eyes, and ears, in the brain. The eyes are quite revealing.
  "Children (not capitalize) of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness(Mat8:12)." This is Satan's kingdom, beginning with Cain, and "this Generation" of Tares, Thorns, Naughty-figs.
The truth may sting, but that is not hate.
  Jn.3:19 men loved darkness, rather than the Light.
Ephes.6:12 The rulers of the darkness of this world.
Darkness = gloom, shrouded like a cloud. Primary root - shade, or shadow. Literally or figuratively, darkness.
Walking in darkness = seperated from the Light.


  1. 2Cor.6:14 We are Not to be unequally yoked, with Unbelievers. This leads to bondage. We are to stay in the Light, and walk in freedom.
    Lk.11:34 -36 The whole body should be full of Light, having No part dark. The body: individually, or collectively.

  2. Some things don't mix.
    Iron(Religion), and Clay(Followers of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus).
    "Fig-Tree bearing Olives (these are people)."
    "Spring that is sweet and bitter."
    We should know immediately - something is not Right(teous).