Saturday, January 13, 2018

Self Salvation!×6

  There is but one way to be delivered from Death (Satan) and get back to the Father; and that is through, Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. The purpose of this earth-age(2nd.) is for us to choose.
  Sadly, there are many schemes available via Religion, for people to leave Immanuel-Christ-Jesus out of their lives, and GOD'S  plan of Salvation.
The Sixth Trump (Rev.) is when the 1-world-Religious-leader appears. It (Satan) "will deceive the whole world: whose names are not written in the Book of Life."
  In Lk.17:33-37 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus gives an example of people attempting to "save" themselves. Christ example takes place on the Sixth Trump. Religion knows when it's father returns.
  "In that night" is a figure of speech: these will be dark, wicked, times. "One shall be taken" = the 1st. one. Some ignorant people, as well as many mis-taught-people will be in this group.
  Sad report. The Apostles in training  ask: Where LORD? "Wheresoever the body(s) is, there will the eagles (vultures) be gathered together."
Whosoever seeks to save his life, shall lose it." The vultures know where they are headed - and so should we!


  1. "Remember - Lot's - wife" Lk.17:32
    They were given detail instructions concerning survivial. The wife was disobediant: she had another plan of salvation, that cost her.
    The LORD has the only plan of Salvation!

  2. Our LORD'S plan of Salvation, goes back to the 1st. Heaven-age. It went into action the moment that Adam and Eve violated the LORD'S Law. Short of the Master's Plan, = Death (Satan), death (seperation from the Father), and, becoming buzzard-bait.

  3. "Where the vultures gather." Bed, grinding together, in the field, = this takes place while in the flesh. The gathering place is where there is a concentration of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus deniers.1.Jn.2:22,23 Denieth the SON, has not the Father. These deniers are awaiting a different - father.