Thursday, February 22, 2018

The rich man, and Lazarus!

  This parable comes from Luke 16:19-31.
The rich man lived good, in his own sight. Lazarus was a beggar. Both died.
  Lazarus: in Hebrew is Eleazar. Was quite possibly of the Tribe of Levi. Begging shows the House of Israel, in a fallen state. The "Promise Land" was divided up - minus the Levites: the Twelve were to take care of them.
  Also the rich man, even after death, required Lazarus to serve him; which indicates Lazarus, was a Servant.
Lazarus was carried by the Angels into Abraham's bosom.
The rich man "was buried." He was in "hell." "In torment."
Even though the rich man could see Lazarus, there was a "great gulf fixed." They could not pass from one side, to the other side.
  Even in death, the rich man didn't get it. He continued to call Abraham, father. This reminds us of John 8:39. Our LORD is quite familiar with this Generation(seed) going back to Cain.
Rich man prays to Abraham, to send him (Lazarus) to my father's house, which means not of the Twelve Tribes; not a Follower of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.
  "I have five brethren." The rich man makes six (6), just like Goliath. Cain's Generation has rejected Moses, and the Prophets.
Send one from the dead will not cause Repentance. 
  This Generation has rejected the ONE raised from the dead; yet continue to practice Religion, even in the 🔥.


  1. "Send one back from the dead." Most of the Govt. Appointed Fakesters were Non-believers; half of them didn't believe in life after death.
    Their Traditions(Religion) had resulted in the worse kind of trouble!×6

  2. The goats went into the f I r E ��.
    Don't be a goat!×3

  3. Follow Religion
    and "end up
    in this place🔥
    of torment."