Tuesday, February 6, 2018

"Wars, among you?"

  This question: From whence come wars, and fightings among you(James4:1-3)? It's rhetorical question - Apostle James, provides the answer.
The answer is simple, and hidden, in plain sight.
  Repeat - these "wars, and rumors of wars" are civil wars. This is a "Sign" given by our LORD to the Apostles in training(Mat24:).The Descendants of Sarah (Abraham) are Concentrated in the West. They may not know their heritage, but Satan, and It's descendants  know.
  The answer to where these wars come from among you: is lust (pleasure). People are also greedy (covetous), and can Not be satisfied.
  People are out of control, between their ears. "Yet have not, because - they ask not": they should humble themselves and ask the LORD. The other reason they "receive not, because they ask amiss" - selfish reasons!
  The greedy warriors lack peace. Peace can Not be purchased or gained via war. We must learn to love, and respect, - ourselves.
Unless war is to directly protect ourselves, family, or neighborhood; war is a waste.


  1. "Trading with the Enemy act" of 1917.
    "Executive Order 6102"
    "Emergency Banking Act" of 1933
    Commander in Chief - during a time of war!
    This comes back to "Why war" James 4. Greed!×6

  2. The war of 1861-65 had 0 to do with ending slav(ery), but all to do with making America into a Share-cropping Corp..
    Control or destroy is Cain's doctrine: this is their Generation.

  3. Can't see the forest, for the trees? The trees make up the forest.
    Same goes for Socialism💡
    Where is Socialism; all of the Federal Agencies.😨
    For them War is profitable, and necessary.