Thursday, March 29, 2018

3 Days!

  Immanuel explanation(Mat12:40) of Jonah, 3 Days in the belly of a great fish, would take HIM 3 Days in the earth, just as Jonah - is extremely-significant.
  3 Days and 3 Nights, dead: then Resurrection. This is Prophecy, as well as a huge Sign. Many of the House (12 Tribes) were awaiting the Messiah, and would recognize this Sign.
Other Religious folk who were always seeking after Miracles, would hopefully become Believers.
  Jonah(1:17) "was swollen up by a great fish that the LORD had prepared." Dead: 3 Days and 3 Nights. "Out of the belly of hell I cried out"(J.2:2).
It is imperative that Witnesses understand that Our LORD, and Jonah, we're physically - dead.
  Apostle John (2Jn.1:7) calls "deniers, Antichrist."
Who in 2018 would this be? Religion!×6
To stand on Christ Crucifixion on Friday, and Resurrected on Sunday, is denying Immanuel-Christ-Jesus purpose for coming in the flesh.
  To stand as a denier, is standing on sand. The great fish was prepared for Jonah, by the same ONE that spent 3 days and nights in the (tomb): same hell as Jonah.
It is HE, that has the stop-watch of Life, and has a place prepared for us - Good, or bad.


  1. Immanuel-Christ-Jesus purpose. Luke 4:18-19, and Isaiah.
    Deliverance: Sacrifice HIM SELF for the death sin, committed in the Garden, that severed the Relationship between FATHER, and mankind.
    Mat.5:17 the Law could only be fulfilled by ONE.

  2. Satan's children were all over Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, from HIS birth, until HIS murder. The Generation of Vipers must see proof: just as their father did (Jude 1:9) concerning the body of Moses. Many of them witness the death, burial, and Resurrection of IMMANUEL-CHRIST-JESUS, but remain Non-believers.

  3. A Non-Believer knows, but is not obediant.
    An Anti-Christ actively opposes the Truth via deception(2 Jn.7).
    Satan, fallen angels, It's children - Kenites, Naughty-figs, Tares, Generation of Vipers, are in deep trouble: don't follow them!⏰

  4. The Roman soldiers, and many witnesses verified the death of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.
    The importance to Satan's camp: no death, no deliverance.
    Baptism should be taken serious, because it represents death, burial and Resurrection. Followers, follow👣