Monday, March 12, 2018


  The Command to forgive, was spoken by Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, to a specific group (Followers). It is connected to "Power, and Authority." This blog is not forgiveness 101(babes), but for meat eaters (mature).
  Christ, the Perfect LAMB, became cursed and handled like filthy rags: for us. Followers, must follow HIS example.
I'm going to be the bad guy🐐.
  I represent all (all, ALL) that should not have touched my classmates. The teenagers who valued the girls based off of their physical attractions. Lied to them, spied on them, and spoke into their lives Ungodly words. Then couldn't wait to talk to others, the juicy, intimate, details.
  As the wicked piece of 🐂💩, I'm asking -you- to forgive me!
What if I never acknowledged the above: denied it, or never ask for forgiveness???
  As a mature Follower, we must forgive: ending with ourselves. Victims often carry a burden, that our LORD requires us to give to HIM. HIS yoke is easy: the world's yoke is heavy. HE came to set the captives (us) free. Walk in your new-found-freedom. In Jesus Name, Amen!×3💞


  1. Where is my ministry? Acknowledge the misery. Let this Mind, be in you,... We have Power, and Authority: when we speak (Testimony) we make our Creator smile, and deliver many, many people. The hearers know, when they have heard the Truth. There is your Ministry!×3🎯

  2. Eph.1 Redemption through HIS blood, the forgiveness of sin (on the Cross), sins after the Cross.
    Explain: the Cross of Christ was for one sin (Garden).
    After the Cross for forgiveness of future transgression/sins.

  3. "Give, and it* shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, shall man, give unto your bossom."
    *It it can be whatsoever you need - or don't want.
    We "reap what we sow" - good or bad. Let us give, forgiveness.

  4. "Our Prayer" Forgive us our sins, as we forgive others,...👣