Wednesday, April 18, 2018

"A Parable."

  Luke 18, Immanuel-Christ-Jesus spoke "A Parable" to them (followers): The beginning, and the end, are the same point, but the middle has lots of meat for mature, Saints.
  Vs.1 "we out to always pray, and not faint" (lose heart, become discouraged, give in,.)..
Vs.2 "There was in a city, a judge, which feared not GOD, neither regarded man." This Vs. informs that this is a Fake-judge. Ex.18:19-23 was instructions of how to pick Judges.
  Vs.3 a widow came to the judge requesting that he, avenge her of her adversary(do me justice from). And the judge would not for a while, but the woman wore him down.
Vs.6 "Hear what the unjust judge said." Go back an listen very closely to what this judge said.
  Vs.7 "And shall not GOD avenge HIS Own Elect, which cry day and night unto HIM, though HE bear long with them."
Vs.8 "When the Son of man (KING JESUS) cometh, shall HE find faith on the earth?"
  The kind of faith that HE requires in Vs.1 = always pray, and not faint. The widow had the Faith going before an unjust-judge.
"Friendship with the world (chaos) is enmity, with the LORD."
The LORD will find faith on the earth when HE returns . 👣


  1. "Many are called, few are Chosen."
    "The first, shall be Last."
    The Chosen, and the Last, are referring to the LORD'S Elect from the First-Heaven-Age.

  2. As the world (chaos) "labor pains" increase in intensity, and more wicked are manifest, so does the increase in the LORD'S Election.
    The LORD'S Plan is Right(teous).

  3. "Unjust-judge" - throughout the Western world; they all are.
    They have taken an Oath to follow Religion: Versus the WORD of IMMANUEL-CHRIST-JESUS. They are Fakesters!×6