Thursday, May 24, 2018

"Must be fulfilled."

  Lk. 24:44 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus reminds HIS  Disciples(Apostles), of what was previously taught to them.
"That all*1 (All, ALL) things -must- be fulfilled, which are Written*2 in the Law of Moses*3,  in the Prophets, and in the Psalms, concerning ME."
  The Law of Moses (Mosaic-law); first five Books of the King James, which was given to Moses, by the LORD.
The LORD is mention by all of the Prophets, going all the way back to the beginning. The True Prophets, received their info from the LORD.
The same applies to Psalms, the LORD is mentioned, throughout.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus made it clear in Matt.5:17 "I AM come to fulfill." The Cross was a necessary part of that: the beginning of the execution of the Master-Plan! Dr. Bollinger, in the Companion, states that "I AM come" implies former existence✔
  Noah, Abraham, Moses, all the Prophets, and King David, had a relationship with our LORD: they didn't make stuff up to fill in the blanks.
  The "wide-gate" (leads to destruction) is wide for a reason: it represents the world. The "narrow-gate (leads to Life) is difficult to find: because of Religion, Pseudo-Prophets, and Blind-leaders. Most of the "blind" are not allowed to look at Moses, the Prophets, and Psalms unless it's for prosperity, or to reinforce a negative point.
"It is Written." "Have you not read,..."👣


  1. *1 All = have been: stand Written.
    *2 Written = All of the WORD of the LORD; Before the Cross.

  2. El-Satan attempt of doing away with the Cross of Christ by keeping them away from Part One of the Bible.
    Then they magnify the problem by making up lies about the End-times: how foolish!

  3. "All things fulfilled" is not understood by Religious folks. They can Not understand what is "Written" - or the Signs, Trumps, and Vials.
    Rev.7:3-8 those Sealed (with the Truth) are 144 000 of all of the Tribes of Israel (12).

  4. The Thief and Fallen-angels have a plan of salvation that by-passes the Truth: don't follow them: We know how this ends for them, and followers!×6⏳