Wednesday, June 20, 2018


  Flood in Part One of the Bible often means an overwhelming stream, of water. But not always. There is a shift. Is.59:19 When the enemy shall come in like a "flood" - the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a Standard gains him.
This is good information to know!
  Dan. 9:26 and the end shall be with a "flood."
Water - as a "flood."
Lk. 6:48 the "flood" arose,...
  The above "flood" is brought by the rider of the Whitehorse, of Rev. 6:2 - armed with a bow; no arrows: because it is armed with a "flood" of lies.
We are seeing this "flood" play out daily in the Monopoly-Media. Today's flavor - illegal invasion (locusts) being separated from their children. These as well as the ones from the Middle East are a part of Joel 2:25, and Rev. 9:3.
  The locusts have been given power, as the scorpion, to intimidate, and cause people to faint. The Pseudo-Christians, Religious folks, and weak leaders are being exposed.
  Peter lost focus with the storm: let us keep our eyes on Immanuel-Christ-Jesus during these times.
Joel 2:1Blow the trumpet (5th one). Rev.9:1 The 5th. angel sounded.
Keep following 👣 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus. Gear up Daily (Ephes.6). Luke 6:48 Build (and stay) upon the ROCK!×3
We win.😊


  1. The rider of the Whitehorse is one of Satan's boys. This one is already connected to the "Generation of the figtree" which are Kenites, Children of Cain, aka Naughty-figs, and Tares. Blind Followers of them are wicked (Rom.1:21-32).

  2. The Global-elite are Non-believers, that push the Rev.13:3,4 agenda.Woe unto them. They are children of the Lie, that creates problems, that they already have the wicked answers to. The practice the "flood" of lies/deception!×6

  3. The Southern border invasion, represents lies. This is a symptom of something much more serious. This a push for no-borders: a one-world-Political-system that is almost complete. This is a great time for people to wake up😨