Saturday, June 2, 2018

"Put the evil away."

  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus  referenced "labor pains" - which informs us that conditions will get worse, as the time for the birth, gets near. This new-birth is the Seventh Trump: the return of our LORD.
  The Fifth Trump sounded years ago (1940s), and it appears hell has broken loose on the earth.
We didn't get here (chaos) overnight. It took thousands of years of disobedience to get here.
  Studies of Part One of the Bible, shows no (No, NO) prisons.
Judgment - good or bad, was immediate. People were required to make restitution. The Death penalty was active for those declared to be murderers.
  In Deut. 13 alone we see how Pseudo-Prophets were to be handled. If a close friend, or relative entice the to worship Idols: thou shalt not consent,  listen to them, or conceal them from punishment (death).
  Deut. 13:13 "Certain Men,..." - Children of Belial = naughty, evil, worthless. "Let's go serve other gods,..." Belial is Not a Tribe of Israel. It is Not of the House of Israel. They are blind leaders, of the blind. We are required to know who they are; via the "Key of David."
Let us awaken from our slumber, and "put the evil away."


  1. The "Key of David" is Truth.
    The Truth shows whom is of the Synagogue of Satan. Look at their fruit, which is the opposite of "the fruit of the Spirit" Gal.5..

  2. Corbin, is Religion:
    A child that curses father or mother is to "die the death."
    Lev. 20:9, Matt.7:13,...
    Children, are Not a gift.⏰

  3. "Strangers or Children?" Matt. 17:25-27
    The world see Followers as "strangers."
    The STONE rejected (we are little stones),.. Get comfy with being a misfit.