Saturday, June 9, 2018

Satan: aka death!×6

  Rom.6:23 states that the wages (payment) of sin is death.
This type of sin is chronic, and habitual. This individual is serving the "powers of darkness", aka Satan.
  The LORD  warned Adam and Eve that on the day they became intimate with Satan, they would surely die: this death is being separated from our Father. Disobedience can Not exist in the Father's presence. This moral-free-agent now belongs to death: which is another name for Satan.
  Rom.1:28 GOD gave them over,... V.32 worthy of death. These that are in Satan's camp now, and will be re-trained during the one thousand year rein of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus.
Phil.2:8 obedient unto death, even the death of the cross: Gen2:16
"and the LORD-GOD commanded the man,..." Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is the very ONE that issued the command, and the ONE that satisfied the debt: "My GOD, why has Thou forsaken ME" is not a question - CHRIST represented us on the Cross(Heb2:9).
  Col.1:22 "Through death." Heb.2:14 "Through death." Both physical death, as well as going through Satan = to destroy It's work. We must follow👣 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus example, because Rev.2:10 says that we are to be faithful unto death = Satan!
  The wages of sin is Satan, and if uncorrected; death for our Soul:
But the Gift of GOD is eternal Life, through (can't get around) Jesus Christ, our LORD(Rom6:23).

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