Thursday, September 27, 2018


  Many are aware of the high profile case against
Michael Jackson, and Dr. Bill Cosby: but forgot important details.
The world is watching the conformation-hearing of Judge Kavanagh. The three above cases are very similar: and very important.
  Allegations can be made, and the individual now has to disprove the allegations. Instead of credible witnesses or evidence; the accused reputation is pounded by many different accusers.
  Where have we seen this before? The pseudo-trial of Immanuel-Christ-Jesus(Matt.26:57-68, Matt.27:11-25).
They trumped-up charges against Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, with the intent of destroying HIS reputation, and murdering HIM.
  "Answer thou nothing?" = Prove yourself innocentšŸ.
Immanuel-Christ-Jesus several times exposed this pseudo-court as fakesters: Not of the Levi-Priest. Religious/Hirelings.
  We are admonished to put on the "whole armor of Christ, everyday." Immanuel-Christ-Jesus is "the green TREE" (Lk23:31): what was done to HIM, will be done unto us.
The same goat players and system from 2,000 yrs. ago, continues - today; aka a Seal/Sign.


  1. We should attempt to avoid the fake-courts: Immanuel-Christ-Jesus taught "settle up your differences quickly."
    Another parable: a judge that didn't fear GOD, nor man. = a Non-believing fakester.

  2. "Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all fiery darts, of the wicked."
    These darts are designed to destroy, ones reputation.
    Pop-quiz: who hurls fiery darts?

  3. The goats sacrifice for Religion.
    Idolatry is totally wrong. Christ on the Cross was enough - once, for all time.
    Not so for Religion. They will become "the ram in the bush", for the Righteous.