Tuesday, September 4, 2018

"House" 2018!

  House represents a dwelling place.
It can also represent a temple. Concerning the Word of the LORD, it represents both. The House also represent the Twelve Tribes, the Children of Israel.
  Just to be clear: Abraham = the father of many nations.
Sarah = the Mother of one (1, One) nation.
Gen.49:1 "Jacob/Israel called -His- sons,..." Twelve are listed.
Rev.7:3 "Seal the servants of -our- GOD in their foreheads,..." listed  are Twelve (12).
  Certainly their are more that know the end-time Prophecy that Jacob spoke over his Sons: and their are more than the one hundred and fourth four thousand that have been "Sealed" with the Truth - these are the leaders.
Of these, the Levi-Priest will be out front, leading the others.
  Ephes.1:4 HE hath chosen us,... 1:5 predestined us,...
1:12 We who first trusted in Christ. 1:15 Love unto all the saints. The description is of those from the First-Earth-Age.
Ephes.6:13 Gives a physical description of a soldier, geared up to fly❌, run❌, or to Stand✔.
  The WORD makes it very clear: "we are the Temple of the LORD."
"The Kingdom is inside of us."
1 Peter 4:17 Judgment (good or bad;reward) begins at the "House" of GOD.
Hopefully, those blinded by the light📺 (Rev.6:2), will Repent, and get their act together⏳.


  1. The House has grown: "be fruitful and multipy" is a Commandment!
    The House is made up of "many mansions," "Whosoever will."
    The Believers (know & do), or Followers (mimic I.C.J.).

  2. The House, is in our head, at the intersection of our eyes and ears. It houses the Holy-Spirit, and our spirit.

  3. 2 Jn. 1:10 receive them not into your House! Protect your eyes and ears.
    People are gradually pulled, or distracted by what they hear, and see:beware.