Thursday, November 29, 2018


  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus  came teaching
"Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven, is at hand." This is what John the Baptist - who was of the Tribe of Levi taught, as well as twelve disciples in training to become Apostles.
  We are born with a call to the LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.
We learn that we are wonderfully made in HIS Image. As followers, what should we be doing?
  "Take up your Cross, and follow ME." The Cross represents a bridge, for man to reconnect - through Christ (now us) to the Father, which is in Heaven.
Once we are Reconciled, it is our requirement (Command) to go after others.
  Death (separation) occurred in the Garden because of disobedience. Authority was transferred from Mankind, to Death (Satan/Nachash = the Shinning-One). The Cross of Christ satisfied the punishment, and took back the authority. We are no longer under the Law of - Death/Death!
  Reconciled - Matt.5:24, Rom.5:10, 1Cor.7:11, 2Cor.5:18, 20. Col.1:21. It means: conciliate, to change (mentally). To renew, restore relations.
2Cor.:18 And hath given to us the Ministry of Reconciliation,...
Stop waiting on man: we must get busy👣

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