Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Blind-leaders 2019

  It was the LORD 
that Commanded, Adam and Eve (Gen.2:16), Not to eat* of the Tree of knowledge of Good and evil: you do, your dead (separated from the LORD).
  The Tree of knowledge is Satan. One of It's names is Serpent = Nachash, shinning-one. G.3:1 the Serpent was more subtle (wise, deceptive,...) than any beast(human or angelic).
To eat* = commune, intimate, beguiled(sexual-seduction).
  The LORD said in Gen.2:16 "freely eat" of every tree, except, the Tree of knowledge. In Satan's conversation with Adam and Eve, It left out "freely" - which brings us up to date.
  Matt.15 Immanuel-Christ-Jesus points out Blind-leaders: they are Hypocrites that practises Religio. From Latin = to bind, or return to bondage. Blind-leaders are pseudofakesters. The king of religion is Satan. It left of "freely" and replaced it with Deception!
  Matt.15:19 For out of their hearts (between their ears), proceed evil thoughts (reasoning),  murder, adulteries (Idolatry),...
The blind-leaders reason and justify war, murder, Idolatry, and 1-world-ism.
Matt.15:14 "Let Them Alone."

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