Wednesday, April 17, 2019

"Money Changers"

  Many are familiar with Immanuel-Christ-Jesus, going into the Temple of GOD, and casting out those that bought and sold, and and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers...
What happen that would cause such heat in our LORD?
  These clowns (moneychangers) came to Jerusalem around the time of the Passover: they posted up on the entrances to the city, as well as the inside (Court) of the Temple.
People that needed a currency exchange, would be ripped off. They also sold items that were employed for worship: but we're inferior.
  This collection had -0- to do with the Law of Moses: it was a tax that was required much like today - with a religious cherry on top.
The LORD Commanded Moses(Ex.30:13-15) to collect once per year: twenty and up, from males, wealthy or poor, the same "half a shekel as an Offering unto the LORD." This was to be done in the seventh month.
  The Passover takes place the first month (Solar Equinox). The moneychangers then, just like today interjected themselves, 
-before- the LORD. The modern-day Int. Rev. System that takes the Offering/Tithes, first😷
  Many indoctrinated souls never look at the Idolatry involved, in giving one's best to a Noun (person, place, thing). Moneychangers steal in two ways: the second way - this represents a "soul-ransom" that there be no plague among them✔


  1. The moneychangers from 2,000+ yrs. ago are the same ones of today: they are Thorns, Tares, this Generation, Kenites = descendants of Cain.
    They are covetous concerning money, and power - their fruit.

  2. "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar" - tax.
    "To GOD the things that are GOD'S" - Offering, Love, Worship.
    Mark 12:14-17

  3. The moneychanger's father is El-Satan:the shinning-One. It's #1 tool is Religion. Jn.10:10 the Thief comes to steal, murder, and destroy: this covers what the moneychangers have done, and is doing to society, and inside churches⏰