Tuesday, April 9, 2019

"This Cup"

  "This Cup" leads one to correctly believe that there is more, or other cups in play.
A literal cup, a container, has the capacity to holds things. "This Cup" however, is Spiritual, and symbolic.
  Lk.22:20 This Cup is the New Testament(Covenant) in MY blood, which is shed for you." The statement is referring to the Feast, and Passover of Ex.12. The LORD is our Passover (1Cor.5:7).
  The lamb's blood was a life-saving-covering = Salvation. The lamb's blood, is now Thee Lamb's Blood. The wine of our Passover/Communion, represent the New Testament/Covenant. New? Yes new✔, because Adam and Eve destroyed the first one.
  Moments before Immanuel-Christ-Jesus was arrested in the Garden; HE had prayed: "if it be possible, let this Cup pass from ME,..." This is the "Cup" of Judgment - just like in Ex. 12:12,13. Don't overlook the fact that "I will execute Judgment: I AM the LORD."
  Judgment can be good or bad: we all get what we have coming.
As followers 👣, we cannot drink of HIS-Cup, and the cup of devils (Ishtar). 1.Cor.10:21.
"If any man worship the beast and It's image, and receive It's mark,... The same shall of the wine of the wrath of GOD, which is poured out pure/concentrated into the Cup of HIS indignation,..."
"This Cup" = Blessing, Salvation, Covering, etc.. Stay on HIS Good-side🔴


  1. Most church-folk would realize immediately that something was amiss
    if they entered a church, and they were passing out live rattlesnakes.
    But what about Ishtar; which is Pages - and it's symbols of the sex-goddess: eggs, chicks, rabbits,..

  2. Ishtar - the goddess of fertility - is Pagan.
    It's worship, and sacrificed blood can't cover, save, bless. What a waste. Repent, and submit to Immanuel-Christ-Jesus - today!×3