Thursday, September 12, 2019

Cash - less System!

  Sky watchers are awaiting the coming system where cash will not be needed. They believe that this comes with people being required to accept a mark in the hand, and on their foreheads: cause, that is what they've  been taught.
  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus Warns us to be careful of deception (Matt.24:4). Deception is what we should pay careful attention to. Often the deception comes on subtly, and slowly: requiring Spiritual Revelation to pick up on it. The other way of i.d. is situational awareness.
  Looking back to 1913, we now realize that the UnfederalReserves, and the International Redistribution of  wealth Service, are an Abomination.
Gold and Silver are money in the Bible, and the U.S.Constitution: but was confiscated in 1933, "gold/silver certificates" slowly disappeared.
  What was left: i. o. u. - debt notes that were not backed by anything but Con-fidence. 
The LORD is constantly calling us to "come out from among them" referring to Babylon(confusion).  Rev.13:1-2 is a one-world-Political-system; it's glue: debt-currency. The "mark" of this system 666, aka SSS with a vertical post (s) = $$$.
  Divers(varying, several) weights are an Abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good (Prov.20:23). There is but one organization that is untouchable by Antitrust laws. A monopoly that people are afraid to talk about or touch.
  The Cash - less system is here, right now.⏰


  1. The "mark" is inside the brain, not on the forehead. The "right hand" is a symbol for agreements (shake) sign contracts, for strength, and work: deceived one's are working for - and worshipping the beast-system.

  2. Paper: printed with dollar (SSS) on it, is totally worthless. People were force to turn in their gold, and we're given paper notes. This paper is approx. 75% cotton, which comes from the dirt. Reminder: we were given dominion over the growing stuff (Gen.1:26-31)⚫

  3. "A false balance is an Abomination to the LORD: But a just weight is HIS delight." Prov.11:1.
    Just to be clear - there is but one organization that over sees, and operates the "false balances."
    Don't let Unbeliever-experts direct us on what is good or bad. Who's report do you believešŸ”“