Monday, January 27, 2020


  Any day now! This group claim to be "Believers" or "Followers"  but are not.  Immanuel-Christ-Jesus  has told us all we need to know: follow/believe is a verb.
  "Faith, without works is dead." We are to know, and do. The Apostle Paul stated when ask to show his faith, he showed his works. Point? Busy-bodies are in trouble! We should always know what time it is.
  Sky-watchers are wasting time. The "fields are white, but workers are few." Re-new the times, because the days are evil.
  2. Thes.2:1.The coming of our (Our) LORD  Jesus Christ,...
Vs.2. Peace: Mentally and Spiritually.
Vs. 3. No to any deception⚫ that day (the LORD'S return) shall not come, except there come a falling (Apostasy) away - first. The beginning of the falling away started (1913), with leaders. The big falling away will be on the 🕕🎺, with Vs. 3, and 4.
Point? El-Satan, and the 1/3 Fallen-angels show up first. It's blind-leaders, fake-teachers, etc. will be in living color for the world to see and hear.
  Our LORD (Vs.1) returns on the 🕖🎺.
When HE  returns, we should be busy "feeding HIS  sheep (Matt.24:42-46)🔴

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