Friday, October 16, 2020

Why Miricles?

   Satan returns, incarnate  - on the six trump. It must be convincing to

 Non-believers  that it really is the Messiah. Religious leaders already know whom 

their father is. The leaders: "many will come in MY Name, saying, I am Christ;

 and shall deceive many." The many, and the many are already in play.

It appears that ministers of Satan are everywhere😷. Nope: just concentrated by

 the whitehorse(Rev.6), and controlled by the "prince of the air(waves)."

"MY Name" - The Answer, Savior, etc.. The Pseudo-Christ's are exercising "power, 

signs, and lying wonders." Listen to the radio, or t v  as the leaders lie, and push 

people into Idolatry(religion)🗿


  1. "falling away" apostasy. It is labor pains: it increases in intensity as the time, decreases. Major signs have happen leading to this point in time. Mile markers are present.

  2. The Sixth Trump is what the Psuedo-Christians are excited about. The fakesters are pushing others into Communism: just vote, as if that is the answer(Matt.24:5).

  3. 2 Thes.2:3 "falling away" then the man of sin(Satan)will be revealed"
    and It's followers😷