Saturday, December 19, 2020


   A home, city, or nation's safety depends on watchmen. Most police agencies  have watches (shifts) that cover 24 hours. Individuals and collectively, man can do his best, and come up short. 

"Except the LORD keep the city, the watchmen wake the but in vain." The LORD appoint watchmen: this is so serious, that if a watchman fails to sound the alarm = Death to the watchman (Ez.33:6). ➡ The 5th.🕠🎺 sounded in 1948: based off the activity of Rev. 9. The one-world-Political-system is underway as well((Rev.13:1-2); and one of the beast, seven heads is severely  damaged (Vs.3).

 This global  event is underway now. There will be an increase in Satanic activity, leading up to the Sixth 🕕🎺. The LORD  is Efficient⚫ people and leaders are required to take a stand/choose sides. The Light is shining into darkness: Mayors, Governors,  Congressional people are choosing🙌 What a wonderful time to be alive🚩

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