Thursday, August 26, 2021

Example πŸ›‘

 The Tower of Babel was a huge communist system. It started with Nimrod: who was rebellious, and hunted souls for its system. Nimrod was also an Idol: “ he put himself, before the LORD.” The breakup - The LORD simply confused the language, and their speech; and the people scattered. It takes generations to groom people to be slaves, or comfy on the Govt. Plantation. I highly advise all to re-read Gen. 10, and Gen. 11. “ No new thing under the sun.” πŸ‘£πŸ›‘


  1. "Example"
    El-Satan empowers people: as a guide to move ahead of the LORD. Adam and Eve were the first, then Cain, Nimrod,,,. The Left, profess to be Progressive. We have an Example on how to put things right.

  2. Their is a name for the Private Sector working with each other: against it's Citizens. They are working overtime, to set the stage for their father's return.Rev.13:3 is in plain view!
    Time to "Confuse the world's(chaos) language."