Monday, September 20, 2021

Nothing New🚩

   What appears to be current events: are not. History is important - hopefully  we recognize, and don't repeat past mistakes. A serious one was in 1Sam.8 when the "leaders" demanded their own king. Our Founders of America had lived under a king, and realized that it was Anti-We-the-People. The U. S. Constitution, was to prevent a select few, from ruling the Masses. Over time Tares are planted, and manifest into a ruling class🗿 Executive Orders are key to Communism. The war between the States (11) was initiated via E. O.. Emancipation Proclamation, was an E. O. that did Not free all of the slaves. Suspension of Habeas Corpus, was also by E. O.. Gold Confiscation - E. O. 6102 was touted as an anti-hoarding measure: then the Treasury/UnfederalReserves politely ➖ hoards gold.  It is unsure who/how the "Greenbacks" were authorized, but they were issued by Treasury, to Finance Lincoln's war. The "Greenback" was a "Note" = iou 😕 Lincoln ran on the promise of "stopping the expansion of slavery." The First shots fired were in Charleston, S. C.🎯


  1. The war between the States had 0 to do with Slavery. It was all about Control. After Lincoln's war begins, Congress sings "Civil War Aims" stating the war was to keep the Union together: however Lincoln continued to violate the U.S.C., especially States Rights (10th.Amend.)

  2. Lincoln was dead when the 13th. Amend. was sign. Lincoln (Obama1.) was dirty to the core⚫
    Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus: which appears to be happening in D.C. right now. People scooped of the street, with No Due Process. This fellow has the blood of 600,000 Americans on his hands.

  3. Wilson's E.O. impose restrictions on Germans-born male (later females), residents, over the age of 14. 250,000 were required to register at the local P.O., and carry their registration card at all times. F.D.R. later put Germans and Japanese citizens in Concentration camps: via E. O..