Wednesday, January 12, 2022

D. N. A.

 "The LORD GOD  caused,  a deep sleep to fall upon Adam: and HE took one of Adam's  *ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof." The *rib was used to make a woman (Eve.). Rib = curve. Male and Females to this day, have an average of twenty-four(24) ribs. What else has a curve in the human body❓

 D. N. A. - Which carries genetic instructions; among many other things. Eve is called the "Mother of all Living" because she was the beginning  of the line, by which Immanuel-Christ-Jesus would come. "Living" ➖ Alive in Christ: or not⚠ Satan (Nachash) in the Garden, was attempting to alter D. N. A.. The fallen angels during Noah's time: were attempting  to alter D. N. A.. Sarah involving the handmaiden for Abraham: was an attempt  to destroy D. N. A..

What's happening  right now with the world-plandemic, is to deceive people into envenomation, to alter/destroy D. N. A.. "Be wise, and meek." Gear-up daily withe w h o l e  a r m o r  of Immanuel  Christ  Jesus.🔑

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